Creating the New Earth

The planet is moving through high frequencies as earth ascends. In order to assist in this massive transitional shift towards creating the new earth, we must critically bring to light our third dimensional reality. What does this mean? It means to broaden our world-view to encompass an entirely new way of thinking. Our 3D reality is based upon ideas of limitation (which are normal to us, but not to any “outsider”), constriction and regulation, stemming from centuries of indoctrination.

But new generations coming in with different programming are seeing our society’s vast limitations and saying, What’s this about? Light workers before, and the ones here clearing the planet for this new wave of workers, are saying, We are here to change the world. Some may be the way-showers, but everyone at this time questioning the very structures we’ve built are playing a pivotal role.

Our Inherent Freedom

In order to dive deeper down the rabbit hole to critically examine our freedom, it’s important to question everything we now know: Ideas that say we are bound and limited by our work; that we must do the 40 hours a week at jobs that don’t enlighten us; that we cannot live in wealth and abundance. The new outside-the-box thinking says we can create anything into existence that we desire. An entirely new system that may seem beyond our wildest dreams, but is, in fact, just within reach. As we imagine it, so it can be.

A Radically Dynamic Earth

We can begin to envision and enact communities and systems of higher living that support the planet and each other. A global community of fellowship and camaraderie. Of sustainable cities all around the globe. Even now, we are seeing ethical- and environmental-based businesses emerge, and people gaining freedom with alternative lifestyles.

Soon, we’ll look back and see the hard line in the sand. Where we transitioned from a third dimensional planet of hardship into the fifth dimensional frequency of light and sovereignty. Future generations will marvel at the “history books” and remember this great marker of ages.

This shift is already underway, but we must continually question our outmoded ideas and archaic ways to make way for the new. As people embrace higher personal ideals and actuality of a better world, revolutionary ideas take hold and people take action. Everyone adds to this energetically. So, essentially, you are making the change.

Creating The New Earth

As we heal our minds of the past, forgive, and turn toward kindness, we assist the world in a multitude of ways. Whenever we take the higher road, our energy shifts external circumstances. Opening our minds to innovative living systems and lifestyle changes is paramount to this genesis. We advance the creating the new earth every time we implement these changes. Our consciousness expands with every single action we take and outlook we change. We didn’t get here without eons of conditioning—but it’s  worth shifting day by day, hour by hour, viewpoint by viewpoint, the perspectives in our mind.

We are here to make our mark. So let’s move. Whether we take a stand through our buying power, or go out into the world and create a compassionate-based business, we play a part in creating the new earth, the Garden of Even…what has long been known as the Golden Era.

Let’s forward-think our mental processes. Holding thoughts of abundance and freedom,  and rejoying our lives helps bring about the fifth dimensional frequencies which consists of far higher frequencies than the third dimension. These internal decisions are just as powerful as our physical action because metaphysics teaches in the quantum-sphere mind is matter.

The New Earth (Fifth Dimension) Tenets are:

Freedom and abundance for every being. 

Our right to enjoy this planet in its fullest and most pristine state.

Mobility to travel and resources to carry us through our day-to-day living.

New forms of transportation, food systems, and natural ways of living.

The thing about creating the new earth is that it already exists. It awaits our ascension, rebirthed through healed minds and time-honored values. This is as we are meant to be, living in our birthright, living on a planet of freedom.

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