Living in Paradise

What if we could spend our days creating and playing and living in paradise? Without our modern-day worry or concerns, our only objective on what to joyously create for the day? What if we could actually exist in this type of reality, devoid of the day-to-day stresses we have now?

I’m talking about a living paradise. The kind where time has become nonexistent and life moves in ease and flow. We’re unconcerned with what day of the week it is because it doesn’t matter. Instead, we’re focused on real value—community, creativity, service—things that make our heart sing and fill us with joy, are what we create in this leading-edge reality. We’ve merged heaven on earth and live in the frequencies of appreciation, love, kindness and joy.

These are the qualities of the fifth dimension. Of living in sync with the earth’s rhythms and aligned with the natural world. Rising at dawn and settling at dusk, unplugged, peaceful and calm, and centered in community. Existing in a different dimension of higher qualities. This is exactly what “living in paradise” is: a shift from the lower frequencies into the higher realms. To a quality of life and standard of living that can only be described as paradisiacal, with meaning and intention. Imagine cleaner living systems, a creative educational system where children are taught the nature of reality, the power of their consciousness, and how to contribute in a thriving ecosystem while discovering their own talents. Where adults as well as live out examples of their own happiness, modeling this for their children. 

You may wonder how we can create “paradise” without the duality. But it’s exactly the programming that we’ve been conditioned with that makes us think so. When we’ve been raised in scarcity and debt, enslavement to time, the pursuit of consumerism for what its attainment will bring us, then it’s no wonder we stay in the unending loop of working for things that we are promised will bring us happiness, at jobs that make us unhappy, giving up our freedom and time only to continue the perpetuity, until retire. 

We are adaptive beings, yes. Evolution has proved that. However, we are not wired for the “hard living,” that is maladapting our health. We’re destined for softer living, where self-sacrifice is not a part of our everyday modi operands, and we’re not driven (by society’s standards) to succeed. If we look at the Blue Zones of the world, these places statistically of better longevity, health, and wellbeing, we see that these populations have chosen quality of lifestyle as their standard for happiness. I think most can agree this is “success.” At the end of the day, when all is said and done, don’t we really desire to be relaxed and to enjoy life, in community, and in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?

But we can shift out of the lower frequency fear, which is the massive frequency on the planet, and begin to rise above it to shift the marker in our lives towards freedom, until eventually, we are liberated from the old consciousness. And step into a new one, where we are, in fact, living in paradise.

We Are Love First and Foremost

Everything is energy, and we are frequency beings, first and foremost. So when we constantly live in stress, our mind creates this fear which we see it reflected in our lives and in the world. So many people are riddled with anxiety and depression; our sped-up-world-neuroses continues to rise as we become more unplugged from our natural state.

We create paradise by reconnecting to our internal source. Because peace, joy and love are the core qualities and distilled essence of who we are. We’ve been removed from the idea that we are not spiritual beings and embraced ego-centric living, existing in fight or flight survival most of the time. But nothing, not even the greatest illusion, can separate us from our Source, and with intention, we can easily return to our natural state of higher vibrational frequencies. 

Life is Meant to be Easy

Consider this for a moment: we are eternal light beings. In the higher realms where we exist (while a part of us is sent into this illusion) we are consciousness that moves at the speed of thought, creating in multidimensionality. So doesn’t it make sense that, while incarnated here on earth, we’d feel a sense of our innate freedom? Having to pay to live on earth and work as a means to an end are all counterintuitive to this eternal self that thrives in expansion and joy.

We are meant to be more free, living in paradise— a “heaven on earth”—just as we exist multidimensionally. Debt and stress are not our birthright. Freedom and creativity are. These concepts may seem unfathomable to the indoctrinated mind. But to the awakened, it’s our destiny. It is happening all around us. And many are creating this new threshold for everyone. We only have to look to the people leading movements and disrupting the system to see evidence of these changes.

Living in Paradise

As more and more people walk away from what no longer serves them and reclaim their right to freedom and happiness, they are creating the ripple effect for everyone for their walls of restriction fall away. There is a call to action that many people can no longer deny. It’s a reclamation of freedom and a stand for something new. It’s the changing of the guard. And we are the ones doing it.

I encourage you to create your version of paradise. What does this mean for you? What do you dream of? Living near the ocean, waking up to the breeze in the  and working on your projects? Exploring a nomadic life with a global community of friends? Carving out more leisure time for those closest to you: family and friends?

The sky is the limit, and we are only as unlimited as where our imaginations take us. 

Our intentions are powerful beyond belief. Because while we can’t see frequency, it’s manifesting at an unaccelerated rate and catalyses the peace and love we hold as our desire for life and the planet. As we continue to change our lives, we will see the rewards of what we’ve sown, for those of us living here now and for future generations: a beautiful state of consciousness for everyone. And for those who have created the new earth, and are truly living in paradise. 

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