Every Thought Is An Affirmation

Every thought is an affirmation. More precisely, over time our thoughts have the potential to be become ingrained patterns, and eventually, the self we present to the outside world. We are Walking Thought-Focused Consciousness and what we create in our minds creates the fabric of our reality.

Metaphysics teaches us that any thought fully felt and believed becomes a program. Which in turn governs our inner world. We see evidence of it all the time with our emotional experiences. It’s the emotional strength behind the thought that creates the impression. It’s our life-force energy that gives it its meaning and accepted truth.

So if we think, I am a powerful creator, that thought creates an electrical current that moves outward from the mind. Because all thoughts emit frequencies, those held with the most emotional charge and repetition have greater programming potential. So we must ask ourselves: If every thought is an affirmation, why not say the empowering ones?

The Mind and the Brain

The mind is different from the brain. The brain is our processing center, the physical functioning space where we carry out thoughts. The mind is the vast space surrounding our body and is part of our consciousness, where our power lies. This is where we select our thoughts and intentions. This is where we create.

Every Thought is an Affirmation

Any thought asserted long enough turns into its absolute. Which means unloving thoughts about ourselves or others do not serve in us any way, shape or form. We are wiser to catch and correct those thoughts mid-stream. Because if we hold a perception about someone or something long enough we may very well have to dismantle that idea down the road.

Our thoughts are our constant creation and we have creative control. We are the creative energy operators (CEOs) of our minds and only we can change our thinking patterns, opting for positive or negative. No one else can do it for us. But we can replace every thought that doesn’t serve us with a new one, and simultaneously watch for the ones that lurk just beneath the surface. You know which ones, the ones we aren’t fully aware of until we notice we’re not feeling so well, then realize what we’ve been mind-looping the past few hours or days.

These mental tapes largely go unnoticed until we something makes us aware of them–could we an external situation, or we notice we’re in a mental slump. This is where our power comes in as creators. Sometimes we may need help. But we can instate a new story—one that brings us peace, makes us feel better, and replaces the old version. Think of yourself as a coder coding your program: one story, one affirmation at a time. Over time, we tell the new story of our lives and dissolve the negative story about ourselves and others.

Choose Life-Affirming Thoughts

As we build these new patterns they become more powerful. Especially as we speak, inwardly and outwardly, our affirmations with force, emotion, and most of all, repetition. We wired out thinking one way. It takes its opposite to undo. As we do so it creates the energy that changes our mental structure, which then becomes our new “reality.” We’ve shifted our frequency. The thought is no longer “out there” but in our “selves.”

Over time, we become the more confident, self-loving, beautiful person. But we must not stop. Consistency and practice are key components—like any habit we’ve learned in life. Whether we’ve learned a new language, a talent, or job, it’s like any of these. It’s the mental exercise that matters. We’ve been trained to neglect and be lazy about how we think. But just as much as any physical activity, it’s equally as and more important.

We’re vibrating all the time via our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. This is what I call our signature frequency—our living vibration. It’s who we are. And it can be changed.

When we understand the laws and how everything operates as frequency, we can examine how we’re shaping our energy. Our consciousness accepts anything with intention and focus, so we can “redo” parts of ourselves by conscientiously holding new frequencies of thought. This is how we transform the so-called limited parts of ourselves. We begin to say the powerful I AM statements. We pull upon our innate strength to govern our internal thoughts. We say what we mean, inwardly and outwardly, and know that our affirmations are transforming us every second of our day.

So take those moments out of the day to breathe deeply or meditate for a few minutes to calm your mind. Let the mental tape fall away and allow yourself to ease back into your center. Then start anew from this compassionate space and reaffirm your life-empowering thoughts.

Becoming Masterful

We are creating in every moment, yet we wonder why our lives are the way they are. Why people treat us a certain way. Why we can’t seem to get past our habits. It’s the programs we’re carrying…the world is simply responding in kind.

We’re often programming ourselves by rote. And while not all “thoughts become things” at once, without addressing our deeper patterns, we’re maintaining our same selves, reinforcing our “comfort zones,” even becoming more hard-wired. 

Simply put, we’re not becoming our greater potential. What do we want to experience? What ideas can we change? If every thought is an affirmation, what might we achieve? Who might we become?

The good news? 

You get to decide. You get to choose the beliefs, “truths,” and free-will mastery ideas about yourself. You get to train your mind to create your human experience from the soul level. You are waking up as the soul consciousness, you are realizing who you are. Welcome to your god-like powers.

Dive into the work, because the work will set you free, and along the way you’ll become more masterful and more unlimited, deciding what you want for your life. In every moment, ask what you want to become/think/am. This time is yours. Be the Master you came here to be.

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