For the Love of Animals

If you’re like a lot of people, you love animals. And if you’re like some people, you really love animals. And if you’re an animal lover, you love people who love animals. Especially those in service to them.

For the Love of Animals

What is so completely awesome about animals? Ever stared in your animal companion’s eyes and felt pure innocence, seeing this soul essence before you and wonder, Who is this being? Well, in that embodiment resides devoted love. They truly are here to serve.

Not only are animals our best companions, they are demonstrations of unconditional love; they exemplify the characteristics we strive to be: nonjudgmental, accepting, wholeheartedly happy—not to mention they are some of the best comedians around (we all know who humorous our pets can be).

They make us laugh when we want to cry, lick our faces when we’re down, and bring smiles to our cheeks with their funny and oddball behavior. They fill us with delight with their unending joy and playfulness, and remind us to lighten up and take the time each day to do the things that really matter: play, nap, and lounge for hours on end in the sun. Our companions live by core principles we can acquire: not taking ourselves too seriously, making time for fun and spending quality time together.

In addition to their light-heartedness and intrinsic qualities, we would be remiss without animals’ reminder to see the inherent goodness in every person. No matter what anyone’s background or appearance seems to be, animals accept all walks of life.

Wildlife Love

Ever spend time on mother earth, marvel at the balance of nature, observing creatures in their natural state of grace? Often, when observing wildlife, they can seem to appear as pure consciousness connected to Oneness—witnesses to this world—reminding us that there really is nothing but our god-like nature. Without their presence, the world would not be what it is. Wildlife brings harmony and balance to the planet, abundantly populating and diversifying the earth with its beauty.

Wildlife is the bridge between humankind and nature—the spirituality that brings to life the skies and the plains which resonate with its songs and callings. What would we be without such beauty? What is wild and true is a thing of awe.

Soul Companions

One of the most heart-felt stories of one man’s journey with animals is the book, Kinship with All Life. This story transcends the paradigm of communion and form to understand eternal-life-consciousness. From dog to insect, the author experiences the infinite in all forms. To read this story is to gain a new appreciation of animals as soul companions. For if humans were excluded to only human interaction, we, in our oft-judgmental nature would not be reminded of these everyday occurring occurrences of love.

Animals are truly embodiments of the divine, showing us Source at every turn. They are a doorway to rediscovering our divine essence, the essence of love, kindness, and truth. As we honor these most kindred of souls, we remember our homage to the divine.

We will recognize ourselves as enlightened beings discovering the path home…and of our connection to all Life.

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