Heal Your Consciousness: Heal Your Body

Many of us know of the body-mind connection. Spiritual teachers such as Deepak Chopra and A Course in Miracles teach that the body is not our true self, but the vehicle we wear while our essence, that of spirit, resides within. And that it is one. And when you heal your consciousness, you heal your body.

This means that from our consciousness, the thoughts and beliefs we hold influence, create and even heal the body. It’s proven that what we think about, and more important, what strongholds our minds has lasting effects. Science indisputably shows the impact of stress on our immune system through the neurotransmitter activity and emotions that release enervating hormones. When stress activates these degenerative hormones, the body’s system is altered—wear and tear and impact occurs. Likewise, when we activate regenerative hormones, the body’s system responds in kind. In essence, we heal or become ill.

What’s also fascinating is the study of epigenetics, of how we affect certain genes within the body. This is all to state how heavily influenced the body is by our thoughts. Thoughts are living things! Emotions are carriers of energy!—powerful waves that move throughout our being. Left unresolved, these feelings manifest as unfavorable circumstances in our lives or afflictions in the body. This is why it’s so important we become aware of our conscious and unconscious patterns.

The Body is Contained in the Mind

Think of your consciousness as an electromagnetic sphere surrounding your body, and the body—the densest form—contained within that. We have etherial bodies, which we cannot see, and then the physical body which is our material manifestation. This is the vehicle we see, touch, taste, smell and speak with, but it is not the final frontier; it is the emanation of our consciousness. So what we see as the body is actually the furthest reaches of our consciousness. We are a celestial field first, a body “second.”

As consciousness, our thinking states constantly affect our wellbeing. Holding doubtful thoughts about our worth, what someone did to us, or a past we cannot shake makes our systems suffer: our spiritual wellbeing, our mental wellbeing and our physical wellbeing. It’s evidenced by the way we feel and how our bodies react: illness, fatigue, resentments and so on.

Here is an example: how many times have you felt pain in an area of your body, maybe it felt tense and achy? It’s the stress you’re carrying! The inflammation created in the body pulls on our naturally limbered state. We become inflexible and hurt, needing some kind of release. We can feel it in our bodies. Now think about the times you’ve been emotionally relaxed, perhaps on vacation or during a specific time in your life. Likewise, you’ve noticed your body has been, too. Notice the areas of your body that are speaking to you right now. What are they saying? What stories are they telling? These areas often can be mapped in the body. For instance, in Chinese medicine, anger is tied to the liver. And accordingly to Louise Hay resentment and criticism are held in the kidneys.

All Illness is Mental Illness—A Bold Statement

Sooner or later unconscious issues manifest in the body. As the last “stage” of this, the body is trying to get our attention. First, we feel our emotional un-wellness. These are the chronic thoughts of worry, stress and judgment. This can go on for years, and, if left unattended, turn into a physical manifestation. It’s the body crying out to us to examine and heal our minds.

A Course in Miracles teaches that All illness is mental illness and that the body’s suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers. Suffering of the mind creates suffering in the body. Our shadow side (unresolved issues we’re afraid to look at) wants to be resolved. It wants to be returned to love so that we can heal and be free. Whatever causes us suffering, disturbs us, or we find to be our “patterns,” is where the work is. If we’re not careful, we’ll end up becoming a walking history of our past, emotional experiences left unexamined on the floor of our consciousness.

The answer is simple enough: heal your mind and heal your body. Investigate. If it brings us distress, we must look at it. A powerful form of self-investigation is Byron Katie’s The Work. In this, it asks us to question every thought we have: Is it true? Can I know it’s absolutely true? If we don’t question our thoughts we continue to believe we’re at the mercy of the world. We develop unloving ideas towards others and ourselves. Most of all, we believe in the erroneous and un-serving thought that we are victims—one of the most debilitating thought-forms anyone can have. In actuality, there is no such thing as a victim. As creators we create everything in our experience.

Heal Your Consciousness, Heal Your Body

So much of our time is spent on erroneous perceptions. But we can change. Then heal—mind, soul and body—through forgiveness and self-forgiveness, righted perceptions, and positive thoughts. Then we attain the peace and joy A Course in Miracles teaches—the way back to the essence of who we truly are. No one can choose our thoughts. No one choose our judgments. We are the thinkers in our minds.

You’ve heard it before: It’s not the events that happen to us—it’s the stories we tell about them. But we must do the work, be willing to go to these places. Everything begins in the mind, and everything ends in the mind. With time and effort and willingness you can change our mind and heal your body. Not only will you thrive and find happiness, but your body will as well.

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