How To Raise Your Vibration: 5 Ways to Be a Vibe Lifter

Are you, someone who, when they enter a room, changes the energetic frequency? Do you engage in enjoyable conversation? Do you laugh easily and shine your effervescence?  Well, then you are someone who knows how to raise your vibration and be a vibe lifter.

What is a vibe lifter, anyway? A vibe lifter is someone who positively changes places they go. A person who incites others with encouragement. When someone offers inspiration, holds their frequency high and refuse to engage in complaints or general emotional disturbances, they are walking their talk while elevating others in the game. Such a person is a consciously aware of their vibration.

In order learn how to raise your vibration, or fundamentally be someone who exudes more positivity, consider evaluating some of these areas in your life to level-up your frequency:

1. Emotions

Because emotions carry such a strong frequency and can be felt easily by others, working on your inner landscape can create leaps and bounds in your emotional energy signature. If your emotions run the show or you have a tendency towards emotional upheaval, there’s work to do in this area. No one in our environment can cause us to feel anything. It’s an inside job. Every. Time. When we work on taking complete responsibility for what we’re feeling, we realize that everything is within us. This is what A Course in Miracles teaches.

2. Speech

What do you talk about in conversation?  Do you find yourself complaining or appreciating? To some extent, it’s okay to talk about the events in our lives. It’s human nature and how we help each other. But if we’re constantly externalizing, blaming, victimizing, we’re not doing the internal work. Taking responsibility for what stories we’re telling or what traumas we’re reliving is the taking the high road. Our speech is powerful. Bring words of positivity into others’ lives. Your voice is our wand.

3. Laughter

Laughter can be one of the best ways in learning how to raise your vibration. It’s instantaneous and can be done anywhere. It releases endorphins, bonds us with others, and improves our immune system. Laughter is the universal language across all borders. When laughing, we immediately uplift the mood and energy in a room. That’s why people who are funny are so fun to be around. They’re natural energy-boosters, creating a harmonious resonance. If you’re someone who doesn’t laugh often, I encourage you to find reasons to. Be around others who make you laugh. Tell the story or joke that causes the room to erupt. Laughter will always find its way to those who make the effort.

4. Compassion and Encouragement

What’s another way to learn how to raise your vibration? Vibe lifters are good listeners. They’ll listen to your story and ask questions. They’ll help you with encouragement and compassion, pointing out positive traits or alternative perspectives. It’s been said that everyone can be a coach to someone else. Use your words and ideas to help others. It’s how we build relationships and create community amongst ourselves.

5. Let Life Be Fun

Life is supposed to be fun. We’re here to live in freedom and joy. It’s one of the basic tenets of our fifth dimensional reality. So let life be more fun. Spread joy and positivity where you can. Find and create your own joy. Life was never meant to be serious. So let’s lighten up! Fun can be created in any atmosphere—laughter being the most basic—through spontaneity, silliness, and activities. Find ways to bring out your inner kid. Remember, fun can be free.

How to Raise Your Vibration

Vibe lifters laugh easily, take life not-so-seriously and have a positive outlook. They’re like life coaches; even their smile can send you to the moon. When it comes down to it though, it’s the essence of someone’s presence that we feel. We all can be this way. In fact, many are. If you’re someone that people like to be around, you’re a good listener and enjoyable company, then you’re a vibe lifter. You elevate people just by being you.

So what can you prioritize so that you step into a higher version of yourself? What areas can you work on to shift your frequency? Because once you do the inner work, the result—the outer manifestation—is a happier human being.

We all have the potential to radiate to our highest selves and raise our vibration. A vibe lifter is someone who simply brings energetic fun to the party.  You recognize them. Perhaps it’s even you in the room.

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