Ignite Your Passion: Be the Light that Lights the World

No matter where life has taken you, who you think you are, or who you’ve been, you are the light that lights the world. And right now, the world needs audaciousness more than ever. Not you living through the world’s ideas, but you being authentically you. Because your amazing insight, inspiration and creativity add to society and the world is one less incredible perspective without it. You are here to ignite your passion and dreams as no one else can. Are you willing to be a disruptor? Are you ready to share the real you?

“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” —St. Catherine of Sienna

Your Unique Expression

This is a remarkable time on earth. A renaissance is happening all around the globe. People are waking up to the idea that we are here to live our lives in the higher realms of joy, freedom and expression—here as our divine inheritance to re-create ourselves into limitless possibilities. 

This means you have the opportunity right now to make the most of your soul’s journey. You have the ability to transform your world and live out your dreams. What really matters to you in this lifetime?  Ask yourself the following questions and any others that intuitively come to mind:

  • What have you always found unique about yourself?
  • How does your personality contribute to others?
  • How do you want to live in the world?
  • What is your highest ideal?
  • What are your most epic dreams?
  • How would your life look if you were living your dream?

Go within and ask your heart what you truly want to be in this lifetime and declare the life you want to live. It’s the new way of living. And is, in fact, quickly becoming the only way. The signs are pointing the way to your freedom and celebration.

Ignite Your Passion

Igniting your passion is actually easier than it seems. Ask yourself what activities you enjoyed as a child. What did you gravitate to? What did you excel at? And not necessarily schoolwork, either. Think broader. Were you someone who was very talkative, expressive, liked to read and share ideas with others? This is your strength, perhaps, as a leader. Did you and do you love the production of song and dance? One of your talents is an artist. What can you find yourself getting “lost” in or in the flow with? This is a easily a recognizable sign to your passions.

How you also expressed yourself is how your soul naturally came through you. Did you think outside the box, were you a rebel, did you enjoy listening to people and giving advice? These are clues to your soul’s purpose, the traits of your personality. Be sure to look at all of them, for it encompasses who you are made to be.

We are imbued with multi-faceted strengths and talents, and over time, these ideas and creative energy culminate to become our powerhouse. You may decide to blog on the value of high vibrational foods if this has been your journey, and you’re passionate about spreading the good word. Innovating products for environmental well-being may very well light you out of bed every morning, inspiring you to new discoveries. You may have other inclinations for gardening, painting or writing. The possibilities are endless and uniquely distinct for every person.

We come inborn with our talents. They express themselves naturally throughout our lives. Even the environment you were brought up in, believe it or not, as part of your chosen incarnation, has bred and contributed to who you are today. Add in life’s experiences and wisdom, and cumulatively, you are ready to share what you’ve grown over the years.

This is your expertise and “flavor,” specific to you. Only you have a certain “prescriptive” that is singularly yours and you share with others. It exudes from you every day. Some people may be verbose and energetic or quiet and introspective, but regardless how they expresses, every single person is an innovator. All of us. We innovate and transform our reality with the ideas and visions we hold within us. These are waiting to be sown in the outer world as our mission and calling. Focus on your dreams once you find your passion and they will unfold, step by step, guiding you through action. 

Adventure of the Soul

One of my all-time favorite quotes is Rumi’s, You are the universe in ecstatic motion. I love this quote because it speaks to how the universe exists within us, and when we open up to live as the adventure of the soul we live in these ecstatic states of joy, passion, bliss and excitement. We live as blissful beings carrying out our functions. We become happier and free-er knowing that we are here to live in the new paradigm, and it in the process of doing so, create it! By choosing to follow our innermost journey and buck the system or break the mold, we inspire others to do the same. Pretty soon, everyone is living happier, free-er lives. And isn’t that what we all ultimately want? 

Living as the adventure of the soul means opening ourselves to our unlimited potential—to go where we’ve never dared before, to take giant leaps of faith and undergo life transformations. The journey within becomes the journey without, one in richness of experience, because we’ve finally become who we were created to be—awakened creator beings on earth. This source within each and every person is a call to wake up. It’s imploring you to ignite your passion and weave your narrative. In this dawning of a new era, we’re becoming our own catalysts for freedom. 

Live, adventure, travel, bless, and don’t be so sorry. Jack Kerouac

You Shining as the Light of You Creates the Grassroots Movement that Changes the World

Our incarnations are but a brief moment in time. Our life, an opportunity to make the most of our time here. Because there’s never been a more exciting time as earth as she ascends and takes her inhabitants with her.

As more of us step into our power, find our passion, and live from our heart, we become the very idea of creation: Here to make the known the unknown. Because there will be no other time like now. The universe is waiting for ourselves to expand all of creation. Because we are a miracle.

When you ignite the passion that’s held within you and decide to live as your true self, you become authentic—daring and adventurous enough to live out your truth. And by doing so, be the light that lights the world, as only you can, in your way, as you see fit, in your area of the world.

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