The Power of Our Words

The power of our words creates our reality. Words hold a frequency of intent and act like a magic wand. Once thought or spoken, words affect multiple circumstances: other people, our own psyche, and the creational realm. They bond us to our reality. We speak into the world that which we believe all the time. Isn’t it exciting to think of the possibilities we hold within our spoken word?

Now, more than just sounds and spaces of tone, words are powerful. We use them to illustrate how we feel, to convey ideas, to persuade our social circle—otherwise we wouldn’t use them. When we want to express ourselves, we use words to transmute our inner states: our ideas and thoughts and the essence of our etheric being.

Words as Alchemy

Because words are a sound frequency, they are a basis of quantum energy. The quantum field, or Source—is the building block of creation. Call it a form of sacred alchemy, this is exactly words’ creation. And when we utilize them, we are in essence using alchemy to transform matter. 

Picture long-wave energy forms moving through the subatomic field, molding into people, places, and experiences.  When we apply this force, energy moves in multidimensional ways, creating form and at the same time planting ideas and beliefs into our mental body, our subconscious. This further creates our reality with limited or unlimited beliefs we hold about the world and ourselves. We all know the power of affirmations and what they can do to our psychic bedrock—and thus our capabilities. Well, words thought over and over, and spoken again and again are affirmations. Every thought we think is an affirmation.

As spiritual-physical beings, creation continually flows through us into reality. Without our participation we would not be witnesses to our manifestations as this physical creation. We do this day in and day out, without knowing the extent in which we’re creating with the power of our words. And yet we can generate in newfound ways. 

The Power of Our Words

Words have the power to heal and the power to harm. No doubt you’ve been in the presence of such dynamism: an enthusiastic conversation, a hurtful comment, a loving remark. 

Worlds have crumbled and been built with such statements. Words have changed history. The power of our words have incited revolutions—and generations to love one another. Our words to this day have tremendous influence.

Compare the following two statements:

“I support you. You have the power to do anything.”

“What’s the use? It won’t make any difference.” 

Do you feel the empowerment/disempowerment in these two statements?  Which one feels more in alignment?

Truly, we cannot know the extent of our words unless we understand their consequence. Our voices are wands, and our words, spells we weave throughout each and every day. What we choose to empower/disempower is up to us, by rote or by intention.

Which brings us to deliberate creation. We can speak our desired reality. We can say, “I know this! I am successful. I believe in myself,” and create a template from which we operate. But if we affirm, “I’m unsure. It’s all a losing battle,” that then creates a different mental framework from which we operate.

Use your choice of words, spoken and silent, to change your life. Practice being the essence of what you believe in and live it. You create untold potential with every utterance you speak. Speak what you want into your life. The choice is up to you. When you use the magic of words you use your ability to create your reality. You have been given the god-like capacity to manifest anything in creation.

Great Wisdom

It is the great ones who have changed the world through the power of their words. And it is the great ones who realize this power they yield with the very wand they carry. These masters have disseminated profound teachings throughout time. Language has always been, and will be, the means by which humans inspire one another and exalt the soul.

For one day, practice this: slow down, take deep breaths, and conscientiously reflect on the thoughts you are about to put into your mental and physical environment. 

Considering saying uplifting, exciting, poignant things. Consider speaking positively to everyone with whom you come into contact. See what happens. You may surprise yourself with the significance you feel as a result. You are the creator of your own experience, after all. Remember, words are powerful and you are the Power Source.

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