Rejoy: A Spiritual Revolution

Imagine being in the world, living the life you want, and being a wayshower for others.

Rejoying is about becoming “lighter” in your way of thinking, being, and doing. Of creating the lifestyle you want to live, with no end to what you can choose.  

The slow living and movement is one way of rejoying your lifeThese micro movements are lifestyles embracing personal choice while breaking free of social acceptance” and norms. The world no longer holds the weight it did. The rules are falling away.

The world as we know it is being redefined every. single. day. Revolutionary ideas are spreading at the speed of thought because everyone with a platform can share their story and create change. TED Talkers, bloggers, and social entrepreneurs are changing the everyday structure of what it means to be radical. Normal is not the norm anymore.

Spiritual Revolution

As the world undergoes a spiritual revolution, new systems of living are emergingand this is whatever that means to you. These systems are more in alignment with the principles of abundance, freedom and joy. But at the heart of it is doing whatever makes your soul sing. 

As beloveds of the divine, it is our birthright to live as our soul’s desires. We are here to bring in a new wave of joy and light by being the very light and joy we are. And to express that in all ways.

There has never been a more opportune time on the planet. It’s imploring us to live gallantly, to explore our world and adventure in our souls. Just look at the nighttime wonder of stars and feel the amazement we get to have as souls experiencing this human experience.

Let’s remember who we are

We are creators of the Creator. And this is our hero’s journey. The thing to remember is, we can never get it wrong. Never. Not one experience we’ve had has ever been wrong. It’s been completely perfect. When you truly know this, you have tasted your freedom. 

We can reach heights of joy and freedom by following our hearts. There is no wrong or right way. There are no boundaries. The rules are gone. We are awakening as souls to our blissful nature. And truly, the sky is the limit. 

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