Rejoy Revolution: A Spiritual Revolution

Do you often dream of a simpler way of life? A more easeful one? Maybe you’re even so bold as to desire living on another type of planet? A place where people are happy, share in resources and camaraderie, have plentiful abundance, and support one another in a community-like way of living. A spiritual renaissance of sorts.

What if we could create such a world?  Where scarcity and debt are nonexistent? Where freedom reins, where people contribute to each other and society; creativity and peace abound, and individuals are honored for who they are. Simply put, a place where people are happy.

Imagine such a world. Many think our system is our only option. Because it’s all we’ve known. But systems are created and systems can be changed. Those we haven’t yet fathomed. Even now, the world is seeing upheaval: paradigms of new ways of thinking; belief systems, perspectives and values shifting. As we become more spiritually enlightened, new lifestyles are emerging.

Spiritually focused living, minimalism, and slow living are increasingly becoming ways of bucking the system. Radical thinkers are redefining what it means to re-live our lives. Breaking the mold of the collective consciousness.

Spiritual Revolution

Right now, there is more light coming onto the planet than ever before. We are here at this time for a reason: A spiritual revolution. We are here to live the passion and joy that is our birthright. Most importantly, we are here to release the power that resides in every single one of us as powerful, creative beings. We are here to change the world.

Now is the time to step boldly, excitedly and daringly onto our path and act out who we came here to be. Let’s create the passionate golden era awaiting us—now—and for future generations. 

Because the world needs more people adventuring, gallivanting and exploring the world, breaching bounds, surmounting summits, aiming for the stars and shooting for the moon. Being the rule-breakers and do-sayers and living out loud-ers. Owning their voice and speaking their truth.

The Rejoy Revolution states that we are here to remake and rejoy our lives, connected to our hearts and leading with innovation. We came here for joy and freedom—to reimagine and reignite the world—and to create a new era. 

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