Rejoy: A Spiritual Revolution

Imagine living in the world, living the life you want, and being a wayshower for others for radical change. It can be done, it will be done, and it’s happening. 

Rejoying is about changing your way of thinking, being, and doing in the world. Of creating the life you believe in and you uniquely design, with no end to the possibilities.

Slow living is an example of rejoying your lifeJust one of many micro movements about embracing personal choice while breaking free from social norms. Because the staus quo no longer stands. The lines are blurring and the rules are falling away. Every individual gets to stand for what they want and take their place in the world.

The world as we know it is being redefined. Revolutionary ideas are traveling at the speed of thought because everyone with a platform can share their story. Everyone can create movements. TED Talkers, bloggers, and change makers are revolutionizing ideas all over the world. Normal is not normal. In fact, radical is the new norm.

Spiritual Revolution

The world is undergoing a spiritual revolution. We are living in unprecedented times, with new ways of living emerging. These systems are more in alignment with the principles of personal freedom, self-expression and a movement toward a cleaner earth and freer society, sustainability and impossibilities. But at its core of it is following your heart and living your truth–expressing how your spirit wants to sing sing. Being who you truly are. 

As sparks of the divine, or soul consciousness, it is our birthright to live our heart’s desires. We are here to bring in a new wave of joy and light by being the light and joy we are and wish to be. And to express that in all ways. Which means the rebirth of many systems and ways of being. It’s time for something new. It’s time to rejoy

There has never been a more opportune time on the planet than now. We are being implored to live gallantly, to explore and adventure with our souls into almighty terrain and uncharted territories. Doesn’t it excite you to know you are bringing in the New Dawn, heralding a higher frequency age onto the planet?  And doing so by being you? That’s it? Doesn’t the nighttime fill you up with the excitement of being on earth? If it does, then rejoice. The time has nigh come for us to accomplish what we all incarnated at this time to do–follow our spirit’s calling for being here.

Let’s remember who we are

We are hero’s on a hero’s journey, here to create this new wave of change on the planet. We are tasting our freedom day by day. 

The untold heights of freedom and joy cannot be expressed except by following our hearts. We see the dark paradigm disappearing, and now, we are making the new rules. We are awakening as souls to our divine nature. And truly, the sky is the limit. 

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