Self-Love is Unlearning Our Greatest Untruths

When our young lives were just beginning, experiences began to shape who we were, reflecting back to us a sense of self. Along the way, we accumulated erroneous beliefs and experiences that we were unworthy or unlovable, incomplete, or wrong in some way.

But the truth is this: we have never been wrong. It’s only perceptions that told us so. People and experiences sadly misinformed our thinking. Thus, we grew up with ideas implanted in our psyches that still drive us to this day. Self-love is mastering and transforming beliefs into new ones. Those of a higher frequency, that are Empowering. Loving. Radiant. True.

It goes something like this: You are lovable and worth loving. Your worth is not determined by what shape your body is or the fact that you don’t like what you see in the mirror. Nothing is wrong with you. Everything is right with you. You are beautiful. You are witty. You are interesting and have a great smile. You are talented and intelligent. You are remarkable. You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be held. Loved and wrapped in the arms of heaven. And you yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection (Buddha).

Forgive yourself for not loving yourself at the time you needed it most. Forgive yourself for the self-berating and the life of quiet desperation you led for so long. For not speaking your truth, for not standing up for yourself and objecting. For not telling that person that they were wrong. For turning away in fear and shame and believing them instead of the light shining in you. For dimming yourself and fading away, and disappearing altogether.

Self-love is unlearning our greatest untruths about ourselves.

Stand up right now and tell them, tell yourself. That you matter, that you are good, that you are beautiful, intelligent, perfect, whole and complete.

Misperceptions and hardships shape our human form. But love is the answer. Knowing we have never stopped being loved by the greatest source within us. And if we can let it in, allow the healing, and love ourselves the best way we can, then, we too, shall thrive. If it’s taking ourselves by the hand and seeking help, that is wonderful; compassion and self-care are also acts of self-love.

Unlearn these self-love untruths. They are not meant to be buried in you forever. Relearn what’s right and what’s true. That you are LOVED. Return to the true self, the big Self that loves you in return. 

We are whole, perfect and complete. The more we know so, the more we become so. And that’s a beautiful place to live from.  

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