Self-Love: Emotional Healing

Self-love is unlearning our greatest untruths. We come into our lifetime with beliefs and conditioning to overcome. An important aspect of emotional healing is understanding the traumas we’ve taken on as the pathway to our spiritual awakening. Often, it is the events of our lives, our shadow side, or the things we must surmount that become our greatest triumphs. The teacher teaches what they know or have experienced.

Our souls become seemingly fragmented throughout our lifetime. Any one of us in any given moment carries a weight that’s enough to open anyone’s heart to compassion. Which is why it is important to master our perceptions and understand the human paradox—if not in this lifetime, then another.

Emotional Healing

A powerful way to heal unresolved trauma is the experience of being present to an emotion when it arises, focusing in on the sensation. Your awareness will respond to this process of emotional feeling. It may come in the form of a memory, or a sensing or knowing. Deeply trusting your inner guidance will help you through the process as you embrace this aspect of yourself.

We are so often afraid of our emotions. There might be a painful memory to revisit, or the enormity of the emotion itself is enough to overwhelm us. Perhaps we were not taught to feel our feelings and emotions as children.

An emotion only wants to be acknowledged. It’s intention isn’t to keep us running forever. It simply needs embracing whereby we have long since repressed its message. In order to heal we must learn to be still with our emotions. The emotion is sending us a powerful message is the story that wants to be known and felt. The transformation will complete itself.

Each time we transmute emotions we reintegrate fragments of our perception, releasing the energy back to the person, place, or circumstance that was never really part of us. It returns to the ethers where it never existed except for what we created out of it. Yes, that’s how powerful we are—we have the creator’s ability to create any perception. And we can rewrite the past to recreate the present through our emotional healing. We can forgive and heal our past. This happens in the presence of awareness, compassion, and gratitude. And in a sacred space.

Perceptional Healing

The universal human truth is we have blamed ourselves for outside circumstances, believing we are wrong. To the extent that we carry subconscious beliefs throughout our lives, living by their unspoken truths, defining ourselves, and creating patterns and behaviors that don’t serve us.

Through the ages we’ve carried the cellular memory of loss and heartbreak, forsaking aspects of our soul that remind us we are good. We are god. Our greatest learning is unveiling these truths. Understanding our lineages and how they’ve played out helps us recognize the suffering that has happened on the planet. Emotional healing and forgiveness then comes of ourselves and others.

Ultimate forgiveness, or the path to “healing” is seeing past this illusion of our separation from source. Knowing that we are beautiful, divine beings. Knowing that we are loved. That we are eternal. That we are always connected to source.

Greatest Self-Love

Self-love is an act of compassion from the higher self, loving the Self as who we truly are, not the ego-human form. Beyond the ego. It’s knowing we’ve acquired mis-beliefs throughout our life and we’ve learned ways to un-love ourselves. Self-love is unlearning these untruths. And in doing so, returning us to the True Self. The Self that loves us in return.

A Course in Miracles says, Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists. If we can never truly be harmed, then we must lie within the presence of god. We must be complete. In this, we can be free and know our essence as Love. We are love, made by love and for love.

The more we can process emotional healing and feel ourselves as whole, the more we become so. As created by the creator. Living from the perfection of our souls. It’s a wonderful place to start living from. It’s the place of love we are born.

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