Seth Godin Tribes: The World Needs You To Lead Us More Than Ever

Everyone is now also a leader. —Seth Godin

If we dare to be the rabble rousers of tomorrow—the leaders of a tribe—the heretics of our time—then we must trust in a deep faith in ourselves to step forth and share our vision. In Seth Godin’s Tribes, he speaks about the potential for everyone today to be a leader. And, that in fact, the world needs it.

Our Story is Our Leadership

The world is a tumultuous place. Yet we incarnated into this lifetime for a reason. We chose the people, places, and experiences for our greatest awakening so that we could share our life lessons and enrichment with others. Without these experiences we would not be the dynamo we are today. We would not be true and original. But we are living in an Age of Truth and Transparency and people are counting on you to take us into a different realm than we see now—and a better one for our future.

Seth Godin: Tribes

In his book, Tribes, Seth Godin speaks about the movements and change agents foraging new horizons. “Heretics are the new leaders,” he says, people daring to offer their revolutionary ideas. Because, essentially what he’s saying is, Everyone is brilliant. What’s even more remarkable is that, taken out of our “factory” environments and given the reigns to freedom, everyone has insights and ingenuity to offer. Without comparison to anyone’s status, or whether you’re educated or “smart” enough, you—we—all have the capacity to bring forth our natural genius.

Trust Your Truth

Trusting in ourselves is one of the most profoundly liberating acts we can do. That, and denying the opinion of society. Godin remarks that it’s not the fear we’re most avoiding when it comes to bringing forth our message or creation, it’s the criticism. Putting ourselves out there. Being on a platform for others to place passing remarks on as they go about their day. The world is full of this kind of messaging, especially given the social conditioning that is considered passing on television and the berth of the internet. It only takes one memory to know what criticism feels like. But leaders are born of today and the world needs you to stand tall in the face of everything and carve out your place.

Everyone Is a Movement

Being seen is the new movement. Everyone now has the channels to deliver their message, online, at work or in day-to-day life. You create it wherever you are. In Tribes, Godin cites examples of everyday leaders creating micromovements. You may have traveled an arduous journey and know how to show others the way. Or cultivated a service or product which can benefit people. Your voice, your passion and your creations are waiting to be seen.

We live in an era where tribes are leading the world: Alternative lifestyle movements, disruptors changing the system, and rebels thinking outside the box. Which is why you’re essential to the plan. You weren’t born without a message, a service, a belief, or an idea to give. We’re all on a mission to contribute. Seth Godin says, “by challenging the status quo, a cadre of heretics is discovering that one person, just one, can make a huge difference.”

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. —Albert Einstein

Your Vision

“Leaders communicate their vision of the future,” Godin powerfully states. Before your incarnation, you planned your life’s unfoldment and the choices you would make with the things your soul most wanted to experience so that you could be who you are today. On some level, you knew what you came here to do.

No one can say what you have to say or create what you want to create. You never know who you’ll impact with your message. It may be thousands.

Godin writes, “leaders have an extraordinary amount of curiosity.” Not only does your vision keep you up at night, but you quite possibly already know how to do it. The steps are there, especially when that vision burns. The way opens for those willing and engaged enough to follow their passion. So what is your vision?

Heretics Don’t Settle

In Seth Godin’s Tribes, he writes, “Heretics are engaged, passionate, and more powerful and happier than everyone else.” Heretics are audacious enough to start a revolution and believe they can do it. They love the challenge, the pursuit and the risk. Do you love to challenge the rules? Does it excite you to look around and see possibilities? The only difference between you and a leader is they have decided to step forward and offer their ideas.

Challenges will exist, yes. It’s not easy to be different—to not be a sheepwalker, as Godin calls it, especially when the world encourages compliance. But rebels have changed the world and rebels will continue to do so. Wouldn’t you rather be part of the growing group? The new generation of thinkers who believe anything is possible? I know I do. But it takes courage and stepping outside your comfort zone. “Growth and success are now inextricably linked to breaking the old rules,” Godin writes. But heretics don’t settle. They are here to break the rules.

“Leaders create things that didn’t exist before,” he continues. From Gandhi to Steve Jobs and all leaders creating micromovements today, rebels are simply questioning the norm and asking if it can be done differently. They’re changing the structure of the current paradigm, questioning if the systems work, and recreating them if it doesn’t.  Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as the The Minimalists, have created a legion of followers by questioning what it means to be consumed by debt, and posing an alternative lifestyle to that. Instagram influencer Johnny Juicer leads a health consciousness revolution of heretics embracing a healthy lifestyle. Leaders lead tribes and tribes create change.

No one is you and that is your power. —Dave Grohl

The world is in the midst of a spiritual revolution. In an age where everyone has a message, yours needs to be heard. And there is no right technique, Godin explains, its the means to decide to lead and create change that matter. Nothing else. And you get to do it your way.

Call to Action

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. —Gandhi

Perhaps one of the most profound ideas expressed in Seth Godin’s Tribes is that we have an obligation to change—to raise the bar, to crumble the old regime. We owe it to ourselves. It’s true, leaders are often met with resistance and ridicule. But they wouldn’t be leaders then, would they, if they had the path already paved . It’s the ones who make a ruckus today that are heralded tomorrow. Because the status quo hates change and people like comfort.

But in a time of rapid transformation at unprecedented rates, it’s imperative leaders step forward. This is a revolutionary time—spiritually and mentally—all around the planet, and we are calling all leaders. We are calling you. You have a story to tell—of who you are and where you’ve been—and it’s the greatest offering you have to give the world.

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