The World Needs You To Lead Us

If we dare to be the rabble rousers of tomorrow—the leaders of a tribe—the heretics of our time—then we must have faith in ourselves to step forward and share our vision with the world. In Seth Godin’s Tribes, he speaks about the potential for everyone today to be a leader. And, that, in fact, the world needs it.

We live in a surreally tumultuous world. Yet we came here for a reason. We chose the people, places, and experiences for our greatest awakening so that we could become those experiences and in turn share them. Without these events we wouldn’t be the dynamo we’ve become today. And now, in this Age of Truth and Transparency, people are counting on us to take things in a different direction—a better one for our future.

In Tribes, Godin speaks about the movements and change agents blazing new horizons. “Heretics are the new leaders,” he says, people daring to offer their revolutionary ideas. Because everyone is brilliant. Given the reigns to freedom, everyone has ingenuity and insights to offer and the capacity to bring forth their talents and genius. Doing so counts, though. 

Trust Your Truth

“Trust your truth” is not just a mantra—it’s a profoundly liberating act. That, and denying the opinions of others. We are programmed to avoid criticism. But what if we don’t? What if we put ourselves on a platform for others to see? The world is full of people who are willing to give you their programmed ideas and urge you to play it safe. It takes bravery to stand out from the crowd and be different. It takes courage to be a heretic. But the world needs you to carve out your place.

Everyone Is a Movement

Being heard and seen is the new movement. Everyone now has the channels to deliver their message. You can literally create it wherever you are. You may have traveled a journey that no one else has. Or cultivated an idea that can serve others. Your voice and your passion are unique to you and you only.

Every day, people around the globe and online are creating micromovements (ideas generated and led by single individuals). Paradigm-shifting notions like alternative lifestyles, system-disrupting movements, and rebellions against cultural norms. So many now are challenging the status quo that ideas are disseminating at an all-time high–our values and systems being examined and tossed up for change. 

On some level, you know what you came here to do. You have a service, a belief, or an idea to contribute. And you never know who you’ll impact with your message. It may be thousands. The way opens for those willing to follow their passion. So what is your passion?

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. —Gandhi

Heretics Don’t Settle

Heretics are audacious enough to start a revolution and believe they can do it. They love the challenge, the pursuit, and the risk. Do you love to change the game or break the rules? Does it excite you to look around and see new possibilities? The only difference between you and a leader is they have stepped forward and shared their ideas.

Challenges will exist (it’s not easy to be different when society encourages compliance). But rebels have changed the world and rebels will continue to do so. Wouldn’t you rather be part of that group? The new generation of thinkers who believe anything is possible? I know I do. But it takes stepping out and possibly facing criticism. But heretics don’t settle. They are here to break the rules.

Rebels simply question the norm and asking if it can be done differently. They change the structure of our paradigm, question if the systems work, and recreate them if it doesn’t. Leaders lead tribes and tribes create change.

Call to Action

The world is in the midst of a spiritual revolution. In an age where everyone has a message, yours needs to be heard. And there is no formulaic way to do it, it’s the decision to create change thats matter. And you get to do it your way.

We have an obligation to this world—to raise the bar, to crumble the old regime. We owe it to ourselves. Leaders are often met with resistance and ridicule. But they wouldn’t be leaders, now would they? It’s the ones who make a ruckus today that are heralded tomorrow. Because the status quo hates change and people like comfort.

In a time of rapid transformation, it’s imperative leaders step forward. This is a revolutionary time around the planet, and we are calling all leaders. We are calling you. You have a story to tell, and it’s the greatest offering you have to give.

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