Time Stressed: Reevaluating Our Time Constructs

Virtually everyone is time stressed these days. The days are not long enough for our countless to-do’s. From work to activities to commitments, we’re living in a perpetual vortex. We’ve become plugged in and maxed out.

What can we do about it?

If you’ve ever read the book Mutant Message Down Under, you’ll get an eye-opening view of how curious our time constructs have become. This indigenous tribe, to whom time was nonexistent, observed that mutants wear time on your wrist. We wear time on our wrists. Think about this: in the middle of the great Australian Outback, no such systems existed. Seen through the eyes of these natives, you begin to get an understanding of how interesting our own has become.

Time Stressed: What’s Really Necessary?

But we must recognize that it’s our own doing that’s gotten us here. And that it will take our own undoing and self-assessment to determine how we want to live. Only we can decide what’s best for us. Yes, we may be living in a technological age where we are streamed from every angle. We may live in cities and have families and jobs.

The time stress I’m talking about is seeing where our focus is. What draws our attention. If we want to scale back our work hours and put time toward our passion, that’s a construct we must examine. Where we see evidence of activities to minimize or eliminate—might they serve our benefit? What truly determines our priorities? Examine areas of your life to adjust: perhaps it’s people, a different job, or alternate habits that better suit you than your current ones.

Flexibility and Freedom

The new paradigm is shifting us toward more freedom, flexibility and easier living. When we question ideas of constancy and hold ideas of sustainability and conscientiousness at our core, we will no longer need to transfer an urgency down the line of our lives, and subsequently, the world.

We must ask if there’s anything to be found in a simpler way of living. If we turn away from the indoctrination that says we must be and do in order buy into society’s acceptance we can orient our lives in new ways. We can lead the simpler yet richer life. We can take back our time, our most precious resource, and in doing so reduce our stress and live happier, free-er lives.

Our time constructs are determined by us.  We can plug in to whatever we want and choose in each and every moment where we place our attention. In the grander picture the choice is ours too—of what life we make, or what we would like to model to budding generations.

Our Inherent Nature: Freedom

Our inherent nature is freedom and happiness. We all long for it. As spiritual beings we constantly seek alignment with our natural selves. Yet, we can create it. We remake our lives constantly through our energy, thought-focus and action. Our intention is everything.

So if we want the world to lighten up and change and become less time stressed, we must change. We must see the world as we want it to be. And be it as much as possible. Every movement around the globe is aiming towards that effort. So join the movements—a movement—work out a plan for your inherent freedom and know that your time constructs are yours to create.

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