The Whole Universe Conspires to Help Us

Here’s a little secret: The Divine wants for us what we want for ourselves. Simply because the even bigger secret is: we come from the divine; we are made of Love, for Love and by Love. We can turn within and begin to trust in this beautiful source that knows our desires and is here to serve us. We can let the divine lead the way through our heart’s guiding force. That compass that was placed inside each and every one of us. 

Rather than swallow the pill that says we are just humans, let’s learn about our natural inheritance and our entrusted gifts as creators. Together, with the Divine, through our actions, our visualizations, our burning desires and passion the burns bright, we can fulfill our destiny–the one that we were created for. The rest will fall into place, heart by beating heart, and step by stepping stone.  

A Course in Miracles says, we are the Thought of God. This is a fundamental teaching. You exist for no other reason than that you were loved into existence. And because of this the Divine/God/Source will light the way home for you. The whole universe will conspire in making your dreams come true. Because you are a shooting star within this cosmic body of Eternalness. And that is the truth. 


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