We Are Utterly, Completely Loved

The Divine wants for us what we want for ourselves. We are made of love, for love and by love. We are Love itself. If we utterly know this to be true, our lives will change completely. Because then we are trusting in this beautiful source that knows our wants and knows our desires. And is here to serve us.

A Course in Miracles says, we are the Thought of God. How beautiful and tender is that? We are not just a body born of our parents, made in the flesh. We are extensions of the Divine, shooting stars from this cosmic body of Eternalness.

If this is not the most fundamental teaching, I don’t know what is. Rather than being taught rudimentary primary school things that stymied our growth, we’d have been better off having been taught of our divine nature, our natural inheritance, our entrusted gifts as creators. You, little Kara, are an extension of God, utterly and completely loved. You exist for no other reason than that you were loved into existence.

Imagine what a world that would be.

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