What Are We Feeding Our Consciousness?

Our minds create our very reality. You’ve heard this. What we focus on expands. We wield immense decision-making power over what we allow into its complexity. Feeding our consciousness wholesome thoughts breeds wholesome environments. Feeding our consciousness dramatic thoughts breeds dramatic environments. Do you see where this is heading?

We are a society steeped in programming. Television shows and movies streaming through our devices are virtually drama in some form or another. Reality tv, entertainment, celebrity sites, and newscasts—these forms of information deeply influence our minds. In fact, it takes diligence to turn away from the vast amount of information coming to us.

The Law of Vibration States that What We Focus on Expands

We are paying a price for our current media system. The drama we see daily. Nightly newscasts. It’s self-perpetuating. Our minds are wired to recreate what we focus on. So it would better suit us to turn our attention to what is right, what is good, what is working in the world.

Everything is frequency. So when we witness negativity on-screen, we’re downloading it into our subconscious, saying yes to it. We’re programming ourselves to like it. We have visceral reactions to violence in real life, but not on our screens. So why would we condone it in any other form?

We have to ask ourselves, What kind of culture do we want to live in? We already have enough indoctrination. If we turn away from our “screens,” we’re choosing to make a difference in the paradigm. This paradigm that’s already influenced generations. Harmless as it seems, entertainment, advertising, and various messages have wide-spread social and psychological impacts.

A Better World

We do not have to shun all media or become ascetics meditating on a mountain. I suggest, however, to remove it as our main focus and shift our attention to higher frequency material.

Countless positive media outlets, inspirational leaders, and self-empowerment movements are now the norm, and in this digital age are only a click away.  Let’s focus on these counter to the affect grabbing at the ankles of our attention. If we don’t understand the extent our everyday programs affect our psyche, we cannot shift our paradigm.

Imagine for a moment that mass media and newscasts streamed only positive content. That high-quality movies and documentaries showed loving human connections and the wonders of nature. Think about this “new” reality for a moment and use your imagination. Can you see there might be another way? 

Garden of Eden

Much like with your body, consider what nutrition you want to put into your mind. Our mind is like a garden and what we focus on expands exponentially. We can plant seeds of encouragement, joy, and creativity. With little effort, we can plant seeds of a different variety—wildflowers and tall-reaching plants, trees and rose beds. 

Tend to this proverbial garden. It will eventually open up your creativityFind inspiration and appreciate nature. It all has a carry-over effect. Each decision you make manifests a more beautiful world.

As we focus on positive thought systems, these higher frequencies form as the world. We are already seeing these changes. The importance of our focus is valid, it’s real. It’s the paradisiacal paradigm we’re really all waiting for. 

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